Atlas Premium WordPress Theme V2.3.4 Released

Today’s update for the Atlas Premium WordPress theme brings fixes to the most recent discovered glitches and some minor improvements to the layout. Below here you can find the full list of fixes.

  1. Adjusted: listing expiration WP_Cron to match PMPRO plugin.
  2. Fixed: MapTypeControl not taking effect in ajax map.
  3. Fixed: Fullwidth map with sidebar completely disabled not covering fullscreen.
  4. Fixed: Stripe gateway not working.
  5. Fixed: minor css adjustments.

List of modified files:

  1. framework/functions/listings/listings-expire.php
  2. framework/functions/listings/theme-specific.php
  3. js/ajax_map.js
  4. js/custom.js
  5. js/popup.js
  6. paid-memberships-pro/pages/checkout.php
  7. style.css