Atlas Premium WordPress Theme V2.3.3 Released

Today’s update for the Atlas Premium WordPress theme brings fixes to the most recent discovered glitches and some minor improvements to the layout. Below here you can find the full list of fixes.

  1. Fixed: map leaving “blank space gap” when closing the sidebar on the homepage.
  2. Dummy data now contains updated shortcodes for the PMPRO version of the theme.
  3. Fixed sample child theme referring to the stylesheet of a previous test version of the theme.
  4. Fixed claim listing form displaying into the body of the page when on mobile screens.
  5. Adjusted description and address length, when too long will now be trimmed in taxonomy pages only.
  6. Updated language files with new strings.
  7. File ajax_loader.php can now be replaced in child themes for developers.
  8. Adjusted spacing issue of the “grid view” of the listings on mobile devices.
  9. Updated hangar plugin to correct an issue with a function of the profile widget.

List of changed files:

  1. content-listing-list-grid.php
  2. content-listing-list-view.php
  3. css/responsive.css
  5. default.po
  6. framework/functions/listings/ajax-loader.php
  7. framework/plugins/
  8. functions.php
  9. js/ltr_sidebar.js
  10. js/rtl_sidebar.js
  11. style.css