Important changes to the support system

During the last year i’ve used bbpress as primary support system and it has worked just fine thanks also to the extensive amount of addons available. However, as the user base grown, it has become more difficult to properly manage all the support topics. For this reason, effective today all support and knowledge base has been moved over to Zendesk to improve the support workflow.

Why Zendesk?

Zendesk has evolved a lot during the past few years, there are many tools available to improve the support workflow together with automation tools. The ability to create custom Zendesk apps also provides me quick access to verification tools. Forums can sometimes be extremely difficult to manage. From time to time i lost track of some tickets and sometimes tickets get off track as multiple users post into threads with their own questions making the whole topic more confusing for everyone.

By moving to Zendesk this will not happen anymore, support response time will be dramatically improved thanks to some automation tools and i will have access to detailed information of each ticket that needs attention. The reporting tools in Zendesk also allow me to analyze everything that happens into the support platform offering me insight on response times an other types of analytics data.

What changes for the customers?

All tickets will be handled from now on via email offering a more transparent and personal experience, customers can also track their tickets through their account page on the new support platform page. Just like it has always been, ThemeForest customers need to verify their purchases first. This can be done through the “ThemeForest Licenses” section of your account page. Once your purchase is verified, you can submit new tickets through this easy to use form.

What about the old support forum?

The old support forum can still be accessed here Topics that needed an answer have been answered. If you are still in need of help for one of those topics please open up a ticket into the new support system. The old support forum is now on “read only” mode, not topics nor replies can be added obviously due to the switch to the new system.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to let me know, if you are looking for more instruction on how to get support please read here.