Atlas Premium WordPress Theme v2.1 now available

The Atlas Premium WordPress Theme just received a new update. This update is the first part of a major update which was meant to be released as a whole, however, the update has now been split in 2 parts, and the second part will be available later this week. This update includes bugfixes together with some new features and improvements.

The most notable new feature is the ability to filter listings by rating. A new option is now available within the listings categories and locations pages.

Some other UI improvements have been added, for example, the “display map” within the single listing page has been updated and it now changes the label to “hide map” when the map is displayed.

The full changelog is available here together with the list of modified files.

Changelog for update 2.1 released on Monday 13th October 2014. 

  1. Fixed ajax_map.js file inclusion method within child themes.
  2. Fixed sidebar width of listings within certain pages.
  3. Adjusted viewport of vertical map and disabled mouse scrolling.
  4. Fixed some minor php notices with debug mode enabled.
  5. Removed checkout fields always displaying when not needed.
  6. Fixed minor alignments issues within the all listings page template.
  7. Fixed bug where faceted search wouldn’t work on mobile homepage only.
  8. Added label toggle on single listing page for the “display map” button.
  9. Added ability to display most rated listings within the listings filter.

Affected Files:

  1. framework/functions/listings/theme-specific.php
  2. includes/map-single.php
  3. includes/theme-displaybar.php
  4. single-listing.php
  5. style.css
  6. taxonomy-listings_categories.php
  7. taxonomy-listings_location.php
  8. template-all-listings.php
  9. template-homepage.php
  10. template-search-results.php