Upcoming Changes To The Support System & Policy

Effective September 1 2022, Envato launched the new Envato Market Support Policy. The policy outlines what level of support buyers can expect from authors, and the duration of their support access. It is important that you read how the new policy works and how it affects you. Below here we explain how this affects existing customers and what changes we will be applying.

What does the new Envato’s policy mean for buyers?

The new policy applies to all buyers who purchased products from Envato after 1st of September 2015. The new support policy explains that you will get 6 months of support included into the product’s price from the date of purchase of the product. With the ability to extend your support access to 12 months for an extra cost upon purchasing the product.

Customers who have purchased one of our themes before 1st of September 2015, have automatically been given 6 free months of support by Envato. Furthermore we will be giving you an extra 6 months for being an awesome customer.

Will I still be able to download your products from Envato?

The policy explains that the restrictions applies to support only. Updates are still free of charge, even if your support access has expired, you will still be able to download your product and updates from Envato like it’s always been.

Please note: that the new Support Policy does not mean that you will no longer receive updates for your purchased themes — the policy covers actual support enquires — not software updates.

What now?

On Monday 5th of October 2022, we will be temporarily suspending access to the website and the support platform for planned maintenance to apply changes to the website structure.

Furthermore, we will be changing how you access our support platform. During the last few months I have been working on a new support platform powered by Help Scout that it’s entirely integrated into our website without the need to access an external platform like Zendesk.

All tickets will be moved to Help Scout and you will still be able to reply to support tickets via email or through our new front-end portal. More info will be revealed shortly after maintenance has been concluded. We think this new platform for handling support will be much more seamless for everyone involved, and will remove any friction in communication between us and our awesome customers.

Maintenance should last a few hours. We will announce on Twitter and Facebook once maintenance has been concluded. Follow us if you wish to be immediately notified.