Atlas Premium WordPress Theme v2.3 Available

The Atlas Premium WordPress Theme reaches version 2.3 with some bugfixes for the PMPRO version of the theme.


  1. Adjust issue with the hangar widgets due to non updated functions.
  2. Updated child theme to contain the pmpro page layouts by default.
  3. Adjusted some issues with scripts not loading into a child theme.
  4. Adjusted odd css display issues on membership levels page.
  5. Changed the wrong textdomain of the new pmpro page templates.
  6. Fixed a bug where the membership allowance would not save when checking out and registering new account at the same time.

List of updated files:

  1. framework/functions/listings/favorite/wp-favorite-posts.php
  2. framework/functions/pmpro-integration.php
  3. framework/functions/theme-setup.php
  4. paid-memberships-pro/pages/account.php
  5. paid-memberships-pro/pages/checkout.php
  6. paid-memberships-pro/pages/levels.php
  7. style.css

Hangar plugin updated to version 1.5.0