Atlas Premium WordPress Theme V2.3.7 Released

Today’s update for the Atlas Premium WordPress theme brings fixes to the most recent discovered glitches.

  • Fixed: Dashboard pagination not working due to a bug within WP 4.1
  • Updated: WPAS search library to the latest version
  • Fixed: map into login page template
  • Fixed: buddypress custom user page not working properly
  • Fixed: issue with map not correctly resizing on mobile under certain conditions
  • Fixed: issue with ajax map caching system
  • Fixed: column widths in search results page and search form page templates

List of affected files:

  • framework/functions/frontend_dashboard.php
  • framework/functions/listings/ajax-loader.php
  • framework/functions/listings/theme-specific.php
  • framework/functions/wpas-field.php
  • framework/functions/wpas-walker.php
  • framework/functions/wpas.php
  • js/custom.js
  • member-listings.php
  • style.css
  • template-search-page.php
  • template-search-results.php