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May 2nd, 2006 Toronto Craft Alert!

Toronto Craft Alert

The “Toronto Craft Alert”: is a new blog for those of you who live in or around Toronto (aka the GTA, T-dot, or the 416). It’s a great way for craftsters in the area to keep in the loop about upcoming sales, events and art shows.

Best of all, it’s run by my crafty pal Jen Anisef!

April 15th, 2006 The Loloko Shop

Sometimes I just find myself browsing through “The Loloko Shop”:, daydreaming about having a desk full of cute Japanese office accessories.

p=. Loloko Card Stands
Card Stands

p=. Loloko Trinket Chest
A Trinket Chest

p=. LolokoSewing Kit
A Sewing Kit

I’m not sure if it would make my days any more productive, but a desk full of Loloko goodies would sure make working at my desk a whole lot cuter!



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