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September 29th, 2006 Knitting Toes

After nearly a week of overcast weather the sun finally came out to shine for me today! I needed clear skies for I Heart to Knit Tote photos, and this morning I finally got the chance. I knew the forecast called for rain in the afternoon, so I quickly snapped as many photos of the totes as possible and crossed my fingers that most shots wouldn’t need retakes.

Knitting Toes

Luckily, I was just wrapping up the last of the action shots when the rain started to lightly sprinkle down.

Over the weekend, I’ll be processing the photos and getting the totes ready to post on “Etsy”:

September 26th, 2006 Knitting Totes Back in Stock

A new batch of “Pink”:, “Olive”: and “Blue”: Knitting Totes are up for sale on my “Etsy Shop”:, and I’m just finishing up some totes in Purple, Peach and Green for posting later this week.

August 15th, 2006 I (heart) to Knit Totes Now Available!

My life’s been so jam packed with sewing + working + fun + parties
that I don’t feel like I have my head on straight. Summer’s almost over though, and I’m happy to finally be getting everything in order.

So, without further ado, I’m releasing the first batch of my I (heart) to Knit Totes, which are now available in three colours and for sale on Etsy! OMG, finally!

Pink I heart to Knit Tote

Pink I heart to Knit Tote

Pink I heart to Knit Tote

These totes have been made to help keep knitters organized and cute as a button! They have a variety of inside pockets to keep all your notions, patterns + yarn organized, and there’s loops to feed your yarn through so it doesn’t get tangled. They’re perfect for knitting at home or on the go, I’ve been using one for months and it’s like a little knitting buddy!

June 30th, 2006 Knitting Tote Progress

The “I Heart Knitting Totes”: are definitely coming along — I’ve got all the letters cut out and sewed onto the fronts of the purses, sewn all the pockets onto the lining and attached the magnetic snaps:

I Heart Knitting Tote Front

I Heart Knitting Tote Front

I Heart Knitting Tote Fronts and Linings

Basically, all that’s left is sewing the fronts and backs together and they’ll be all done.

June 21st, 2006 Pickin’ Fabrics

I spent the afternoon playing around with mixing and matching fabrics for the “I heart to Knit tote”: letters:

Table of Fabric

I love going through all of my different fabrics and matching them up — it’s like making a quilt, only less intense!


I only have one item left on “Etsy”:! EEEKKK! I rummaged through some more older stock and prototypes and found a few more goodies that I’ll put up later this week.



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