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March 14th, 2006 Pixie Cap Pattern

Pixie Cap Pattern

A few winters ago, I made a bunch of little knitted Pixie hats and put them up on my website, I thought they were just adorable, and they sold out right quick. Knitting them up was pretty time consuming, so I didn’t make any more, and really, I forgot about them. Well, I recently received an email from Rhiannon, who wanted to know if I could send her the pattern for them.

It took a little while to find (Kevin’s Mum had it tucked away with all her knitting patterns), but “here it is”: I used a modified version, but it’s basically the same.

I know that it’s a little off-season to be posting, with all the spring weather that’s in the air, but I thought that depending on what type of fibre you knit it with (cotton, anyone?) it may be sort of a spring transition cap!



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