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March 6th, 2006 Happy Origami!

I was on a used book shopping spree with “Kevin and Steve”:www.houseofirony.com and stumbled across a gem on the dusty shelves of the craft section called “Happy Origami”:http://art-smart.ci.manchester.ct.us/ar-happy-origami2.html by Tatsuo Miyawaka:

Happy Origami by Tatsuo Miyawaki)

It was published in Japan in 1964, and not only is there a folding diagram showing you how to properly make each origami animal, there’s also a completed animal glued on the next page for you to remove and inspect if you so desire. Here’s an example, kids in animal hats at the disco:

Its charm is unbelievable! Each one of completed origami is actually in a two colour printed scene — It’s like every page is a little work of art!

You can see all the pages, (plus two other Tatsuo Miywaka books) on “this Elementary School website”:http://art-smart.ci.manchester.ct.us/how_to/how_to_index.html.



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