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August 15th, 2006 I (heart) to Knit Totes Now Available!

My life’s been so jam packed with sewing + working + fun + parties
that I don’t feel like I have my head on straight. Summer’s almost over though, and I’m happy to finally be getting everything in order.

So, without further ado, I’m releasing the first batch of my I (heart) to Knit Totes, which are now available in three colours and for sale on Etsy! OMG, finally!

Pink I heart to Knit Tote

Pink I heart to Knit Tote

Pink I heart to Knit Tote

These totes have been made to help keep knitters organized and cute as a button! They have a variety of inside pockets to keep all your notions, patterns + yarn organized, and there’s loops to feed your yarn through so it doesn’t get tangled. They’re perfect for knitting at home or on the go, I’ve been using one for months and it’s like a little knitting buddy!

August 13th, 2006 Sugar Cookies

I baked a batch of sugar cookies with Royal icing for a potluck yesterday, and decorated them in a variety of ice cream cones and smiling bunnies:

Ice Cream Sugar Cookies

Smiling Bunny Sugar Cookies

These are so fun to make and decorate!

August 8th, 2006 Rick Rack & Handles

I’ve been having fun cataloguing my supplies, including this rick rack passed down from my grandma and some vintage handles I just bought in Pennsylvania:

Rick Rack

Vintage Handles

I wonder if I could do something that combines these two?

August 6th, 2006 Back from Illadelph

My Pennsylvania vacation was beautiful, but it went far too quick! I spent most of the first day in the back seat, watching Kevin drive:

Kevin Driving to Philly

I’m sure everyone remembers last week’s heatwave, when we were in Philly, the temperature reached 110 degrees! We spent a whole day on South St., and we almost sweat our bums off — I can’t ever remember being sooo hot.

South St.

I accomplished everything I wanted to do in Pennesylvania, including eating at Dalessandro’s, known as one of “Philly’s best Cheese Steaks”, and I have to agree that they make one killer hoagie!

Dalessandro's Steaks

I visited more knitting shops than I can count, but didn’t really find what I was looking for. I did get “both”: “volumes”: of Vogue’s Stitchionary though. Really, the whole trip had so much shopping that I can honestly say “I’ve shopped till I dropped”!


For more photos and Penn/Philly details “check out my Flickr account”:!



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