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May 30th, 2006 My Herb Garden

I had a great birthday weekend from start to finish. I was determined to squeeze in as much relaxation as I could, and one of the things I did was plant the herbs my mom bought me for my birthday. Take a look at this sweet garden:

My Herb Garden 1

Herb Garden Closeup

In order, back row first, from left to right: Lavender, sage, basil, thyme, coriander, oregano, lemon mint, parsley, ginger mint, pineapple mint, spearmint, and chocolate mint.

I’m really excited about the chocolate mint, it smells exactly like a Mint Aero Bar and I can’t wait to see how it tastes as a tea. Yum!

May 26th, 2006 Crafternoon Tea

If you’re in the Toronto area tomorrow, make sure to head down to the Beaches and attend “Crafternoon Tea”:, a craft sale organized by my pal Nathalie-Roze Fischer. There’s going to be a tonne of great craftsters there, and a bunch of interesting workshops:

Crafternoon Tea 1

Crafternoon Tea 2

(I won’t be attending, it’s my birthday this weekend and I’m booked solid!)

May 25th, 2006 Stripes

One of my favourite things about the new set is how the stripes decrease — the purse has six stripes, the roll-up has four, and the pouch has two:

Purse Stripes

Roll-up Stripes

Pouch Stripes

May 23rd, 2006 White Stripe Roll-up

The weather’s been a real pain for taking photos, it’s always cloudy and all my photos are turning out dark. I did manage to get some sun and took this pics of my finished knitting roll-up:

White Stripe Knitting Needle Roll-up 1

White Stripe Knitting Needle Roll-up 2

One set down!

May 21st, 2006 White Stripe Notion Pouch

As promised, I’ve got some juicy shots of the notion pouch to share:

White Stripe Notion Pouch 1

White Stripe Notion Pouch 2

It’s just a simple pocket, and it’s going to come with the “White Knitter’s Purse”: I’m just finishing up the touches on the matching needle roll-up, and should have some photos tomorrow.



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